How can I adjust the indent of the footnote (red arrow) and the space after the number in the footnote (blue arrow)? And why do I get this ugly new line artifact after a normal line break (green arrow)?

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    Which document class are you using? If KOMA-Script, you can use \deffootnote
    – Tobi
    May 17, 2016 at 16:20

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You didn't tell us which document class you use. So I will add here two possibilities: one for KOMA-Script, one for class article.

I put both together in the following MWE, please just change the document class and move the comment signs.

  1. KOMA-Script: In the documentation scrguide.pdf, page 92 (German, you seems to be a German) you will find \deffootnote[Markenbreite]{Einzug}{Absatzeinzug}{Markendefinition}. To get a footnote as required by the german Duden (rules for wrighting) please use:

    \deffootnote{1.5em}{1em}{% [labelwidth]{labelindent}{paragraph indent}{label definition


  2. With class article you need t define an own list for the footnote. Please see the following code.

With both solutions you get the same result as shown later in the screenshot.

Code for class article:

% \setlength{\rightmargin}{0.2\textwidth}%

Complete MWE:

\documentclass{scrartcl} % article

\usepackage{showframe} %=====================================

% With Koma-Script: 
\deffootnote{1.5em}{1em}{% [labelwidth]{labelindent}{paragraph indent}{label definition

%Without Koma-Script, for example article:
%\makeatletter % needed for @
%% \setlength{\rightmargin}{0.2\textwidth}%
%\makeatother % ends \makeatletter


text\footnote{Footnote 1} text\footnote{\blindtext}


and the result:

enter image description here


Here’s an example for the usage of \deffootnotemark. While version A is maybe more like what you want, I’d prefer version B since there’s no reason to make the numbers as subscript. They are more visible as normal figures …


% \deffootnote[mark width]{indent}{parindent}{definition of mark}

% A

% B
%   \makebox[1.5em][l]{\thefootnotemark}%

Test\footnote{Some footnote text.}
Test\footnote{Some long long long footnote text. Some long long long footnote text.
   Some long long long footnote text. Some long long long footnote text}
Test\footnote{Some footnote text.

With a paragraph. Some more text.}

With a non KOMA-Script class the package scrextend gives you the possibility to use \deffonotnote too (thanks @esdd for point out):




Test\footnote{Some footnote text.}
  • This works also with \documentclass{article}\usepackage{scrextend}.
    – esdd
    May 17, 2016 at 17:53
  • @esdd: Thanks! I added this to my answer :-)
    – Tobi
    May 17, 2016 at 20:12

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