I would like to increase the thickness of the top and the bottom lines of the attached table in Lyx. I tried command,


as shown in the attached Lyx file but it does not work

enter image description here. Regards, Ahmed. enter image description here


I don't know this command, but in your source-code, you can load the boldline package, which defines \hlineB{x}, meaning x times default arrayrule width (0.4pt, but it may be changed), \clineB{m-n}{x} and V{x} in the preamble of the tables, in replacement of | for vertical rules.

Alternatively, the makecell package, among many other useful things defines Xhline{some thickness (with unit)} and \Xcline{m-n}{thickness}. It defines nothing for vertical rules.

A third solution is the booktabs package, which defines \toprule, and bottomrule with thickness \heavyrulewidth (default 0.08em), midrule (thickness \lightrulewidth, default 0.05em) and \cmidrule (thickness \cmidrulewidth, default 0.03em). Additionally, the rules have some vertical padding around them.


According to G.M., Lyx supports booktabs under the name Formal table (it is an option to check in the table properties).

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    The third command looks like a good answer. You could add to it that LyX supports booktabs under the name "Formal table" (it is an option to check in the table properties). Ahmed, I would recommend formatting your table as a formal table first (see the booktabs manual for recommendations). Then if you still want to tweak it you can change the lengths that Bernard described. – G.M. May 18 '16 at 17:16
  • @G.M.: I've added your comment to my answer. Note there are some troubles with booktabs when colouring cells in table (white strips appear at bottom and top of coloured cells). – Bernard May 18 '16 at 17:52

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