I am trying to export bib to .csv and there are many issues being faced but most important is encoding:

  1. special symbols are not converted properly to the same symbols e.g. " " changing to different symbols

  2. If my Jabref entry has (http://www.​uppaal.​org/​) content then it is converted to (http://​www.​uppaal.​org/​).

  3. Author in other languages​ correct in Jabref António José Silva and Jorge Gustavo Rocha and in .csv it is like {António José Silva and Jorge Gustavo Rocha}

The encoding of JabRef is UTF-8

Please help to resolve the issue and also tell if this problem with Excel Encoding


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Using JabRef 3.3, exportation to CSV looks fine with an editor supporting UTF-8. The issue is the importation of an UTF-8 CSV file into excel. See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6002256/is-it-possible-to-force-excel-recognize-utf-8-csv-files-automatically


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