I started using texnicenter (TXN) project with the classicthesis latex template for my dissertation. I find myself using sublime text (ST) a lot so I am trying to migrate my project to sublime text and latextools but cannot get the bibliography to show when the build is finish. I have the %!TEX root = ../mainfile.tex to all the multipart files. These are some things I have noticed:

  • When I add new entries into the .bib file they show up in the autocomplete pulldown meaning latextools recognize the bib file (i stand corrected)
  • When i build with a new citations that I just added to the bib file never shows in output until I go back to compile with TXN.
  • If I clean the project and do a fresh build using ST the bibliography page never shows until I go back to use TXN .
  • After I have compiled at least twice with TXN I can cite in ST and build and it will show correctly.

I am adding the lines covering the bibliography below


Thank you very much

  • Got it resolved by their support. Changing the build from traditional to simplein Preferences >>> Package Settings >>> LaTeXTools >>> Settings - User got it fixed. Appreciate your help – Godey May 19 '16 at 11:08
  • 1
    Great, please write an self answer, that is welcome here to help other users with the same problem ... – Mensch May 19 '16 at 11:11

This is how I got it with the help of the awesome folks at latextools. Change the build from traditional to simple in Preferences >>> Package Settings >>> LaTeXTools >>> Settings - User

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