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I am using minion math font to change the operator as minion math.

I successfully changed display math operator like \sum, \int etc.,

But I am unable to change the Minion Math font "Math Delimiter" like

\big( \big), \Big( \Big), \bigg( \bigg), \Bigg( \Bigg)
\big[ \big], \Big[ \Big], \bigg[ \bigg], \Bigg[ \Bigg]
\left( \right)
\left[ \right]





\DeclareMathDelimiter{\lgroup} % extensible ( with sharper tips
\DeclareMathDelimiter{\rgroup} % extensible ) with sharper tips


I need to fix the minion math font below mentioned Math Delimiters

&\big(\sum\frac{a}{b} \big), \Big(\int \frac{a}{b}\Big), \bigg(\frac{a}{b} \bigg), \Bigg(\frac{a}{b} \Bigg)\\
&\big[ \frac{a}{b}\big], \Big[\frac{a}{b} \Big], \bigg[\frac{a}{b} \bigg], \Bigg[\frac{a}{b} \Bigg]\\
&\left( \frac{a}{b}\right)\\
&\left[ \frac{a}{b}\right]


Current Output:enter image description here

Now I change the \sum, \int symbols in my current output.

But I am unable to change the font "Math Delimiter". How to fix this issue

Please advise.

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  • i can't answer your question, but have noticed that something is definitely wrong, since there is no difference in size between \bigg and \Bigg. – barbara beeton May 19 '16 at 18:18

Use the proper LaTeX support, with the package minionmath.sty (as provided on my website). There's no need for all the stuff between \makeatletter and \makeatother. Just use


in this order (the option "withamsmath" and the small package "minionamsmath" take care with some compatibility issues between minionmath and amsmath). Then all the delimiters will work correctly.

  • The OP just wants to use a few symbols from minionmath, not the whole set. – egreg Jun 16 '16 at 11:45

I simply copied the definitions of these single glyphs you want from minionmath.sty. You have to undefine the operators before reassigning and you have to consistently replace largesymbols by MNlargesymbols (you do not want to overwrite largesymbols).

For a consistent look and feel, however, I recommend Johannes' approach to use MinionMath as a whole.


\DeclareSymbolFont{MNlargesymbols}{MXP} {minionmath}{m}{n}




\[ \sum \int \left( \rule{0pt}{1cm} \right) \]


enter image description here

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