I am using the moderncv package to write my CV. If I put a date in a long format like this:

September 2014 - February 2015

the first column will be to wide to put enough content in the CV.

I have seen another example using an old template which uses something like this:

enter image description here

The example is from this GitHub repository

The problem is that I couldn't get how the year is placed on top of the month? Furthermore I would like to change the *.sty file to put in the date like in the given moderncv:


I would be glad if anybody could suggest an answer, because I couldn't find any solution at stackexchange.


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The solution to both parts of your queestion can be found (albeit in German) in the link you provided https://github.com/Stefanqn/Bewerbung. This is a package (also on CTAN) which seems to adapt moderncv to German standards, one possibility would therefore be to attempt to use this package.

The below is a simplified version, based on the macros in the Brewerbung package


\newcommand{\yearabove}[2]{\parbox[t]{10mm}{\centering{#2\par\vspace{-2mm} \tiny{#1}}}}


The lengths above may want some adjustment, but gives the below for your example Dates with month underneath

As to changing the .sty file, in theory all that needs to change is that the first argument of \cventry (which is currently printed as is) gets passed to \dates but I have not tried this myself. Instead \cventry{\dates[month.year-month.year]}{Degree}{Institution}{City}{\textit{Grade}}{Description} does work as desired.

  • thanks for the quick response! I am used to programming languages like C, python etc. but the syntax of latex is sometimes hard to understand. The solution itself is simple and works as you suggested.
    – Max
    May 24, 2016 at 8:54

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