I am new to titletoc.

And I want to have a table of content like:

I. First Chapter
1. first section
2. section section
2.1 subsection
II. Second Chapter

So I would like to modify the "numbered-entry-format" argument of \titlecontents to achieve my goal.

Of all the examples I browsed, only \thecontentslabel is used here which, in my case, outputs 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1 (Point is, I want to drop the chapter index).

Thanks for any thoughts!


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Try this

        {\contentslabel[\MakeUppercase{\romannumeral\thecontentslabel}.]{1.5em}\enspace }

Would you also be fine with a simple solution without titletoc?





    \section{First section}
    \subsection{First subsection}
    \subsection{Second subsection}
    \section{Second section}
    \subsection{First subsection}
    \subsection{Second subsection}

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