I'm working on making a simple tool to generate burn down reports/track task progress; this is my first foray into more complicated table manipulation so there's probably something pretty basic I'm not understanding. Hopefully someone wiser can set me straight :-)

I can create a new table and get today's date into it. It displays correctly when typeset (albeit duplicated and with extra commas). When I output that table to a file (output.dat), what is stored isn't the date, but \today. That's likely due to using create col/set.

My guess is that the "save" functionality isn't applying any typesetting to the data, so what I actually want is to store the YYYY-MM-DD date string to the table instead of \today. I've tried multiple methods of storing today's date into the table (based on the pgfkeys/pgfplotstable documentation), but am evidently going about it the wrong way.

What's the proper way to get this to format as a date when saving to an output file? Any assistance would be appreciated!

Here's my MWE:




    The current date is: \today

        create on use/Date/.style={create col/set={\today}, date type={\year-\month-\day}},%

    \pgfplotstabletypeset[columns/Date/.style={string type}]{\datestable}

        col sep=comma,%
        columns/Date/.style={string type},%


Contents of output.dat:

\today ,
\today ,
  • I ended up resolving my issue using – TexItUp May 23 '16 at 16:53

I ended up resolving my problem by using

    create on use/Date/.style={create col/set/.expanded={{\isodate}}, date type},

This allows the set value to be expanded prior to storage.

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