I would like to generate a label using a command that uses conditions:


Basically it should return #1_ if called with the optional parameter, \activePaper_ if the macro activePaper is define (\def\activePaper{...}) and nothing ('') otherwise.

However when I use it:


Instead of defining a label in the form


It complains that:

! Missing \endcsname inserted.<to be read again>\let ...eco]{}}{{1}{1}{Introduction}{chapter.1}{}}

So I was wondering, how to solve this.

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    The argument of \label must be expandable. LaTeX macros with optional arguments are not expandable, \ifthenelse is not expandable. Also \_ is problematic. Therefore the interface has to be changed. For example, a macro performs the unexpandable stuff and defines a simple macro, which can be used later in \label. – Heiko Oberdiek May 20 '16 at 16:57

Apart from the fact that \ifthenelse does not work by expansion


only has one argument (in [] ) so the {} before image is untouched and would form part of the label.

I think you want


together with

\newcommand\defaultPaper{}%or anything really
\newcommand\activePaper{}%same as above

then \paperPrefix{mypaper} (with {} not []) will expand to nothing by default or to mypaper_ if \activepaper has been redefined.

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  • Thanks, it works fabulously. To make it semantically match my original command I modified it to this: \renewcommand{\paperPrefix}[1]{\ifx&#1&\ifx\activePaper\empty\else\activePaper_\fi\else#1_\fi} . I just wonder how to make it so that it can be both used in \label{} and directly to output text (for debugging). I had to modify it as \newcommand{\paperPrefix}[1]{\def\tst{#1}\ifx&#1&{\ifx\activePaper\empty\detokenize{}\else\activePaper\detokenize{_}\fi}\else\detokenize{#1_}\fi} to be able to see the output (because otherwise _ caused the missing $ issue. – erkil1452 May 23 '16 at 12:16

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