Using JabRef v3.3, I can easily search the scientific paper on the internet in save it into bibtex database. But when I try to download the full text for the whole database, I met some trouble.

By searching the internet, I have been told that the local copy as an external program for find the full text tool should be installed in the plugin ->Manage Plugins. But I can't find a way to install the .jar external program in the version 3.3 (I couldn't find the plug-in option).

I use quality -> look up full texts document instead, but it seems like I would only download one .pdf per time.

So, how to download all the related files for one .bib database. Any advice would be appreciate!


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We are working on adding such a feature. Keep an eye on https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/1323

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    Thanks for your reply. I will notice the news of this great tool. Commented Jun 3, 2016 at 8:49

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