Composition of trees Composition in multicategory Composition in multicategory

It's the composition in multicategories that i found in T. Leinster "Higher Operads, Higher Categories". At least can you tell me which package I have to use?


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In my view this question ought not be answered.

Even so, here's a demonstration of the graphs syntax provided by TikZ:

  \graph [chain shift=(45:1), branch left, nodes={inner sep=0pt, minimum size=2.5pt, circle, fill, draw}, empty nodes, edge quotes={pos=0, auto}]
    a -- ["$a^1_1$"'] b -- ["$a^2_1$"'] c [label=-45:$a^1_2$] --  { d [label=-45:$a^3_2$] , e [label=90:$a^3_2$], f [label=180:$a^3_2$]}


Modifications and enhancements are left as an exercise for the reader.


You may use PGF/TikZ to create diagrams in Latex. There are some tutorials and examples in the Internet.

In the PGF/TikZ gallery you may find examples of

Additionally, you may check the answers to How to create a Hasse/Lattice Diagram

  • Those don't look like trees - graphs, yes, but not of the tree kind.
    – cfr
    Commented May 21, 2016 at 21:52

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