I ran into problem of creating index for a book (1200 page) which has around 700 verses and its explanation.

I have one main tex file with the preamble. I have 18 chapters in my book, so I created 18 texfiles which contains the 700 verses. I am using \include{filename} to work with one file at a time.

I have no clue about creating index page for the book. I am attaching a screenshot of the format. To begin with I don’t even know how to add first few words of each verse to index page.

Its in sanskrit, and I am using verse environment as shown in the example here How to center a verse horizontally given by @Herbert

I found index worked it gave the first few words of the verse and page number. I could not get the chapter number and two column output with a line divide in between.


I suspect Xindy would be the way to go, but setting that up for Sanskrit is tricky. Zdenek Wagner has done work on this, I believe.

The other resource to be aware of is John Smith's Bombay website, that hosts the indexing program sort for Sanskrit. Again, this is for a competent Unix user, and may require piping between other utilities that change the character encodings.

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