I need to have 4 graph options for a multiple choice question in LaTeX. I would like it to look like this picture.

Multiple Choice

I have the graphs(tikzpicture inside minipage) with code before the \begin{document} as new commands.

The closest I have gotten to what I want is Attempt1

but I want the labels to be in the top left corner of each image.

This is the code I have tried:

\begin{multicols} {4}
\item \agraff
\item \bgraff
\item \cgraff
\item \dgraff

I am fairly new to LaTeX and have minimal experience outside of the tabular and multicols environments.

Update: The graphs were created using tikz-picture. Example of code of one of them:

\begin{tikzpicture} [scale=1]
\begin{axis} [
    axis lines = middle,
    grid = none,
    height=2 in, width=2 in,
    major tick length = {0},
    xlabel style = \empty,
    ylabel style = \empty,

\addplot [smooth, samples = 200, domain = 0:2]{x};
\addplot [smooth, samples = 200, domain = -2:0] {1};
\addplot[excl] coordinates {(0,1)};
\addplot[incl] coordinates{(0, 0)};


I was able to get it to work! This is the code I used, modified from Ignasi's suggestion.

\begin{tabular} {p{4cm} p{4cm} p{4cm} p{4cm}}
(a) & (b) & (c) & (d)\\
\agraff & \bgraff & \cgraff & \dgraff\\

Like this?

enter image description here



(A) & (B) & (C) & (D) \\


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