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I use the package elsarticle for a publication in an Elsevier journal. I have problem handling French.


Which cause the error message :

Package frenchb.ldf Warning: Figures' and tables' captions might look like
(frenchb.ldf)                `Figure 1:' which is wrong in French.
(frenchb.ldf)                Check your class or packages to change this;
(frenchb.ldf)                reported on input 

What should I do ? Thanks for your help.

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    Did you try \frenchbsetup{CustomiseFigTabCaptions=true} in your preamble? – Bernard May 28 '16 at 22:41

I'm not sure if elsarticle is meant to be used with languages different from English, because several English words are hard coded in it.

Here is a possibly not complete patch for making the class into using French for the tags.



\xpatchcmd*{\keyword}{Keywords}{Mots cl\'es}{}{}
  {Email addresses}
  {Adresses email}
  {Email address}
  {Adresse email}

Le r\'esum\'e
Les mots cl\'es





enter image description here

The annoying warning will still show up. You can remove it by adding also



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