OK, I know that the text symbol ¡ can be written as


but I need ¡ as a math symbol. If I write




then the symbol becomes italic in theorems and places where text, but not math, is italicized. How should I define the symbol ¡ so that it behaves as ! in math mode?

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    Use \textrm{!`}. – Bernard Jun 1 '16 at 9:50

I use

{\scriptstyle \text{\rm !`}}

General hint: find someone who did what you want on the arXiv and download the source file :)

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Define properly a mathchar for the reverse exclamation mark; for instance


and use


which will also change size in superscripts and subscripts.

If you want to be able to input !`, it's possible with some tricks.


\begingroup\lccode`~=`! \lowercase{\endgroup







enter image description here

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