I'm writing my thesis and have trouble reference labels between chapters. My main folder look like this:

  • Main Folder, where I have the main tex file and folders where I have the main tex file and folders

    1. main tex file, where the documentclass, userpackage, etc are located. With the \makechapter{The First Chapter} \input{Chapter1/chapter1.tex}
      \makechapter{The Second Chapter} \input{Chapter2/chapter2.tex}
    2. Chapter1 (Folder, where inside the file i write in)
    3. Chapter2 (Folder, where inside the file i write in)

When I write in chapter1.tex

\section(Chapter One) \label(Ch1)      
\begin{equation} \label{eq:1}    
a^2 + b^2 = c^2    

How can I in chapter2.tex file, reference the labels in chapter1, which is located in a file located in another folder?, for example when I write in chapter2.tex,
As equation \lable(eq:1) in chapter \lable(Ch1) show.

Because now it just shows [??]


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Technically, this should work (if not, post your MWE). See the following MWE.






now, ch1.tex

x= x \,

and ch2.tex

x= x \,

Eq.~\ref{eq:1} ... 

produces, following ---

enter image description here

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