In the following example it can be seen that the line numbering is broken by the quote environment around the verse:



  abc / &
  def // \&
  abc / &
  def // \&


verse in a quote

The reledmac manual in its section on Quotation environments gives the following instruction:

You must open any quotation environments inside a \pstart ... \pend block, not outside.

Which I tried, but if I pull beginning and end of the quote environment before \pend and after \pstart respectively it doesn't compile at all.

Now I'm wondering what is the best way to include a piece of metric text, marked as a quote, in a longer prose passage. Maybe I should forget about using the \stanza command for it, the stanzanum counter not being necessary here, and just take care of the indentation manually?

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    for now, there is no possibility. please open a github issue, but I won't have time before a lot of time. – Maïeul Jun 2 '16 at 8:19

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