How can I use the Coolvetica font within my document? I downloaded the fonts as a .zip file and have to install it and call it using XeLaTex.


Once you download the font, extract the .zip contents to your ~/.fonts directory and run fc-cache. Then, you can use the \fontspec package, loading the font with \setmainfont{Coolvetica} (if you want your entire document to use Coolvetica) or \setsansfont{Coolvetica} (if you want Coolvetica to appear only when you call \sffamily).

Your document should look minimally like this:

\documentclass{article} % choose whichever you prefer
% choose one of the following two options
\setmainfont{Coolvetica} % entire document set in Coolvetica
\setsansfont{Coolvetica} % Coolvetica appears only when \sffamily is called
% voilà

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