What went wrong here? How can I get rid of the label Rs hovering above the wire?

        \draw (-0.5,0) to [short, o-] (0,0);
        \draw (0,0) [R, l=$R_s$] to (2,0) [L, l=L] to (4,0);
        \draw (4,0) to [short, -o] (4.5,0);
        \draw (0,0)--(0,-1) [C, l_=$C_d$] to (4,-1)--(4,0);
    \caption[]{Equivalent circuit of a inductor.}

Probably you looking for something like this:

enter image description here

You have a mismatch in your code. Correct is (observe position of to):


\draw  (-0.5,0) to [short, o-] (0,0)
                to [R, l=$R_s$] (2,0) 
                to [L, l=L] (4,0)
                to [short, -o] (4.5,0)
       (0,0)--(0,-1) to [C, l_=$C_d$] (4,-1)--(4,0);

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