I have recently started learning latex, and i have the following latex code with two minipages, and two sections in the first section i added two images, then i added an other minipage and a section within it, but i don't know why i am not able to align the second section title with that of the first section, i tried with hspace with no success:

\title{Imagenes, Tablas y Ecuaciones}
\subsection{Super mario}
 \caption {Super mario} 
 \flushright \vspace{-0.7in} \hspace{2cm} \subsection{Tux}
 \vspace{-7.5cm} \hspace{10cm} \includegraphics[width=3cm,height=4cm]{tux.png} 
 \hspace{4cm} \caption {Tux} 

\vspace{2cm}   \section{Tabla}


and here is the result i am getting now: enter image description here

is there anyway to align 1.Imagenes with 2.Tabla without affecting the images placement ?

  • Did you try beginning the first minipage before section 1. Imagenes? – Bernard Jun 5 '16 at 15:00
  • Don't use \flushright; the correct command is \raggedleft – egreg Jun 5 '16 at 16:24

Put the first \begin{minipage} just before \section{Imagenes}.

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