I am copying and pasting paragraphs into a LaTeX document from a report that contains frequent $ signs. I would like any unescaped $ to result in an error and perhaps a reminder to escape them. (Math mode could still be accessed through \( ... \), though the absence of math mode is acceptable.)

My motivation behind this is that I am frequently missing things like:

There were 150 accounts with a balance of between $1000 and $2000 in this year.

which results in a short, valid math mode section that is easy to overlook.

I know I can use the text editor with a regex to solve this problem, but if I am giving the task to a LaTeX novice (who doesn't know regex), I would prefer they are reminded than trying to teach them regular expressions.

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    you could make an error or you could use \catcode`\$=12 so the $ just work as normal punctuation. – David Carlisle Jun 6 '16 at 7:58

Adding somewhere after \begin{document}

 \catcode`$=15 % for example - PS

gives what is expected in your question.

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