I use "revtex4-1" document class in TeXstudio. But I find that the environment "widetext" is labeled "command not recognized" even after I check the box before the term "revtex4-1.cwl" in the "Completion" for configuration.

The question is: how can I make TeXstudio recognize "widetext"?

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from FAQ: Why does TeXstudio mark a command as unrecognized:

TXS checks all LaTeX commands in the document for validity. This helps you recognizing errors (typos and not loaded packages) already while typing. If a command is marked as unrecognized, TXS did not find a definition for it. See How does TXS know about valid commands? for more details.

For information how to solve the issue, follow the links above.


Usage of widetext.sty:

\setlength\stripsep{3pt plus 1pt minus 1pt}

Save the following content as widetext.sty and place it in the same directory as the .tex file



%% Mimics the widetext environment of revtex4 for any other class package
%% Eg: article.cls
%% Compiled by: Anjishnu Sarkar
%% Advantages:
%% *) Supports float (eg: figure) in two column format (Advantage over
%%      multicol package)
%% *) One and twocolumn exist on the same page
%% *) Flow of text shown via rule
%% *) Equal height of text when in two column format
%% Acknowledgment(s):
%% 1. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, two packages (flushend, cuted) of
%% the sttools bundle are used. The sttools bundle is available from CTAN.
%% Lisence of these packages rests with their corresponding author.
%% Any bug/problem with flushend and cuted should be forwarded to their
%% corresponding package authors.
%% 2. The idea of the rule came from the following latex community website
%% http://www.latex-community.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2770
%% This package just defines the widetext environment and the rules.
%% Usage:
%% \documentclass[a4paper,12pt,twocolumn]{article}
%% \usepackage{widetext}
%% \begin{document}
%% Some text in twocolumn
%% \begin{widetext}
%% Text in onecolumn format.
%% \end{widetext}
%% Some more text in twocolumn
%% \end{document}

%% Package required for equal height while in 2 columns format
    \typeout{Package widetext error: Install the flushend package which is
    a part of sttools bundle. Available from CTAN.}

%% Package required for onecolumn and twocolumn to exist on the same page.
%% and also required for widetext environment.
    \typeout{Package widetext error: Install the cuted package which is
    a part of sttools bundle. Available from CTAN.}


            \par %\vspace{6pt}
            \parindent \@parindent

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