Thanking all for the replies, here is the corrected question...

It is bit annoying once you expect a template ZIPPED file to include what it needs and still prompting you for files etc and giving errors such as "...not found ...".

I have been writing articles using Latex and have Tex files and Bibtex files working fine.

Now I need to write thesis for which I want to add various features such as Chapter styles and various lists (all things typical of a thesis).

The best I thought was to look at templates. I downloaded many and tried to run them. They prompt for installations of styles etc. which I accordingly follow but mostly it happens that at the end, I get some kind of error. Mostly asking for "...SO_AND_SO.tex file not found " or "...Figure\SO_AND_SO...not found"

Therefore, here I request for a TEMPLATE that includes all whats needed.

I am using :

WinEdt 8.1 on windows 8.1.

P.S.For figures, I am more easy/familiar with EPS format and calling a PDF inside has never been a good experience.

Will be grateful for the help and thank again for all the replies I received to my unclear question.


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    Do you have any particular specification to follow? – egreg Jun 13 '16 at 22:54
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    if your department has a specific style, use that, otherwise just use \documentclass{book} and add packages as you need them. – David Carlisle Jun 13 '16 at 22:54
  • \documentclass{book} \begin{document} \chapter{My beautiful thesis} \end{document};-) – user31729 Jun 13 '16 at 22:54
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    No you REALLY don't need a template for PhD thesis. – percusse Jun 13 '16 at 23:01
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    Note that if the 'lots of installations' means e.g. a TeX distribution and an editor, that, at least, is not the fault of the template. The errors are a different matter. – cfr Jun 14 '16 at 1:32

I'm not sure what OS you are running or what you mean by "lots of installations". I like to use LyX, a LaTeX editor with a graphical user interface (I especially like how equations are displayed). If you are using Windows, one of the binaries available for download is a bundle which makes the installation incredibly easy - in addition to LyX it will install a LaTeX distribution (MikTeX) and bibliography manager (JabRef).

I quite like this LyX thesis template available on GitHub. The features which appeal most to me are:

  1. I found it very easy to setup - just download the repository and follow the instructions on the blog.
  2. You can use separate LyX files and/or folders for each chapter. Smaller chapter files are great for focusing on specific areas of your work and separate folders are nice for viewing only images relevant in that chapter. I find it especially useful when you're not certain yet in which order you'd like to present the work.
  3. The resulting pdf has a very nice layout. Here is an example of how a chapter would look... sample chapter preview

If LyX does not suit your fancy, maybe you should try using an online LaTeX editor such as Overleaf - numerous thesis templates are available. Going this way also makes it very easy to share your work and collaborate with others.

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