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I'm using Biblatex with the BibTeX backend (Please don't tell me I need to use Biber, it don't work an my system for some reason...)

I have two problems, which I can solve seperately, but not together.

  1. I need Author+Title+Year in footnote

Solution: Only Author+Title+Year in footnote

  1. I need a correct numbering for citing. It should be the same as for footnotes. So when I cite page 10 Source 1,... Source 2, page 20 Source 1, Source 3

I get my footnotnumbers: 1,2,3,4

but Bibliographynumbers: 1,2,3

A Solution would be: Biblatex, Footnote Citations and Numbers in Bibliography

The Problem is, that the second one does only work with citestyle=verbose

Short example(with copied code from two links above)



%  \usebibmacro{shorthandintro}}% DELETED
  \usebibmacro{shorthandintro}% NEW
  \csxdef{cbx@\thefield{entrykey}@footnotenumber}{\the\value{footnote}}% NEW
}% NEW




        title={Book title1},
        year= {Year1},
        title={Book title2},
        year= {Year2},



This is some text\footcite[141]{this}, with same \footcite[151]{this} footnotes.\footcite{that}




P.S. - This Page helped me so many times, thak you all!

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