Where can I find information to set up ConTeXt on Sublime Text 3. I really like this editor and I have used it to create my documents in Latex/Latextools. But now, I am learning about ConTeXt and I would love to use my favorite editor.

  • There are no highlighting patterns available for ConTeXt in Sublime Text 3. Garden lists some ConTeXt enabled editors if you'd like to switch. Otherwise you would have to write the highlighting patterns on your own. – Henri Menke Jun 20 '16 at 15:14
  • BTW, the “official” ConTeXt editor is SciTE. – Henri Menke Jun 20 '16 at 15:16

There is now a Sublime Text 3 package for ConTeXt, called Simple ConTeXt. Maybe it will do what you want: it includes syntax highlighting, a build system, and some auto-completion stuff.

Disclaimer: I am it's author. I felt the same as you, that I like Sublime as a text editor, and desired some quality of life things when writing ConTeXt documents with it. So I tried to remedy the situation myself, as best as I could. Any feedback or issues/pull requests etc. are welcome, though I can't guarantee I'll have the time to look at them.

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