I am writing an article with a header on the first page only; the header includes a logo. Here is a MWE using fancyhdr:



  \large \textsf{Address line 1\\
    Address line 2\\
    Address line 3}}





% \title{\flushleft{This is the title}}
% \date{}

% \maketitle

\section*{A section}



With this approach, the text on page 2 starts below where the header would be if it were included on this page.

How do I get the text to start at the "top" of page 2 instead?


Don't consider the content at the top of page 1 as being a header. Instead, set it as part of a regular document. That way you don't have to worry about influencing the header space (or \headheight) and how it may affect subsequent pages.

enter image description here




  \large\sffamily Address line 1 \\
  \large\sffamily Address line 2 \\
  \large\sffamily Address line 3

\section*{A section}


The above solution is independent of fancyhdr or geometry, so you can add that without affecting the resulting output/layout.


A simple patch could be the following:


            \large \textsf{%
                Address line 1\\%
                Address line 2\\%
                Address line 3%
            \vspace{-1cm}% adjust as needed


\vspace*{24pt} % or whatever is needed

\section*{A section}


A neater solution could make use of the geometry package to change the page layout of the first page, but for a simple situation like this I think it would be overkill.

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