In the code below, I wanted to remove the title of the paper "Assignment 1", from the body of the paper in the apa6-document class template (title on page 2 of the document).

Just under the running header of the first page of the body, the section heading ("Introduction"), should appear first.

Here is the code:


\geometry{reset, letterpaper, height=9in, width=6.1in, hmarginratio=1:1, vmarginratio=1:1, marginparsep=0pt, marginparwidth=0pt, headheight=15pt}


     colorlinks   = true,
     urlcolor    = black,
     citecolor = black,

\title{\vspace{-5.5cm}Assignment 1 \protect\\ Name of Paper\vspace{6.5cm}}
\shorttitle{Short Title of Paper}
\author{by\\Author Name\\EEE XXXX\\Name of Class\vspace{8.7cm}}
\affiliation{Name of University\\ June 5th, 2016}





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Add the option


to your document class loading:


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