I'm supposed to do a bibliography according to the Vancouver style available in BibTeX. I've been given the following reference and I've been told it's based on the Vancouver style:

Seward JP. Occupational stress. In: LaDou J, editor. Current occupational & environmental medicine.3rd edition. New. York: MC Grow Hill, 2004;p:603-18.

How do I write the reference using the existent entry fields? For example, what does the "In:" mean and what is it's correspondence field in the Vancouver style and how does it gets created?

I've been searching for the aforementioned reference and looks like I can't find it on the internet! Please let me know how may I "LaTeX"ize these kinds of references.

Thanks in advance.


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You should use the @incollection entry type for this entry.

enter image description here

  author    = "James P. Seward",
  title     = "Occupational Stress",
  editor    = "Joseph LaDou",
  booktitle = "Current Occupational \& Environmental Medicine",
  publisher = "McGraw-Hill",
  edition   = "Third",
  year      = 2004,
  pages     = "603-618",


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