I created a sequence diagram with tikz-uml and I would like to reduce the distance between the involved entities.

I currently have:

% Entities required for interaction
% User creates a session
\begin{umlcall}[op=create(name), type=synchron, return=sessionView]{user}{app}
  % App posts session data to server
  \begin{umlcall}[op=create(name), type=synchron, return=sessionId]{app}{api}
    \begin{umlcall}[op=create(name), type=synchron, return=session]{api}{sessionCtrl}
  % App navigates to new session
  \begin{umlcall}[op=open(id), type=synchron, return=session]{app}{api}

and it creates the following the result:


How can I reduce the distance between the objects to make it fit the page?

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    Great first question! A warm welcome to TeX.SE! – A Feldman Jun 16 '16 at 21:40

Been struggling with that, you can define the x coordinate like this:

\umlobject[x=12, class=Controller]{sessionCtrl}

Use option x on the object you are creating, that will do the trick!

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