I have an extremely large matrices and I can't show it in portrait or landscape size of a page. so is there any way to show the matrix with its array like command pretty do in Matlab. what Matlab pretty command do when the matrix arrays are overflow


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I suggest you acquaint yourself with the pmatrix and align* environments. In the code below, I use \xi rather than # to denote the generic placeholder variable.

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\usepackage{mathtools} % provides '\shortintertext' macro, loads 'amsmath' package
T_6 &= \begin{pmatrix}
    c_6 \xi_6+s_6\xi_3 & c_6 \xi_3-s_6\xi_6 &    
       s_5\xi_8+c_1c_5s_{23} & c_1\xi_1 \\
    -c_6\xi_5-s_6\xi_4 & s_6\xi_5-c_6\xi_4 & 
       c_5s_1s_{23}-s_5\xi_7 & s_1\xi_1 \\
    \dots & \dots & \dots & \dots \\
    \dots & \dots & \dots & \dots  
\xi_1 &= a_1+a_2c_2+a_3c_{23}+d_4s_{23}\\
\xi_2 &= c_{23}s_5+c_4c_5s_{23}\\
\xi_3 &= \dots

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