Some of default key bindings in TeXworks are completely unusable for me. I use a German keyboard and the comment keys are Ctrl+Shift+], which on my keyboard can only be realized with Ctrl+Shift+AltGr+9. This however is not accepted by TeXworks.

However I could not find any way to change the key binding. Is this configurable somehow?

Further I would like to have "% " (percent plus space).

I use TeXworks for editing .dtx files.

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Keyboard shortcuts can be changed by creating a file called shortcuts.ini placed in the TeXworks resources folder, in the subfolder called configuration. The file can contain specifications of keyboard shortcuts.

If you don't know where the resources folder is, open TeXworks and go to Help -> Settings and resources.

For the syntax used in the file, see section A.2 Keyboard shortcuts in the manual, found at https://github.com/TeXworks/manual/releases


Here Texworks 0.6.4.

There are some possibilities to customize the key bindings, but not all editing possibilities are shortlisted for customization.

I have looked into the manual (last version 15 March 2020) at https://github.com/TeXworks/manual/releases/download/2020-03-15/TeXworks-manual-en.pdf#page43 and appendix A.2 talks keyboard shortcuts and lists the permissible actions.

In my case I would have loved to have a shortcut to shift lines up and down, as gedit does with Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Up/Down.

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    Regarding moving lines up and down, in order to have a keyboard shortcut for it, the feature has to exist in the editor. That might not be the case, but you could post a feature request on GitHub. Mar 21, 2020 at 18:18

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