I have a bibliography with a bunch of legal documents, for which I use the misc type. I use sorting nyt. However, it does not recognise the Author "De-Minimis-Verordnung" as starting with a "d", but rather starting with an "m", which is faulty. I think biblatex thinks this "de-" is some sort of prefix. How do I turn this behavior off?

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\usepackage[autocite=footnote, maxcitenames=3, language=german, style=authoryear-ibid, backend=biber, sorting=nyt]{biblatex}



\printbibliography[title={Gesetzesmaterialien der Europ\"aischen Union}, type=misc]


With the following lit.bib file

    Author = {{European Commission}},
    Howpublished = {State aid},
    Year = {2009}}

    Author = {{De-minimis-Verordnung}},
    Howpublished = {Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1407/2013},
    Year = {2013}}

    Author = {{Mitteilung der Kommission}},
    Year = {2013}}

This is due to the default \DeclareNosort setting which strips two letters followed by a dash from strings before sorting. You can fix this by putting this in your preamble:

  • To avoid this mixing up f.e. regular author names of the book and article type, do you have a suggestion on how to limit this command to "misc"-type documents? – kuuhkuuh Jun 20 '16 at 18:43
  • The right way to do this is to define a custom name field for entities that are not people and you can then define different nosort options for the different fields. – PLK Jun 21 '16 at 16:43

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