Using the package mathtools the output of this code

        l_{\epsilon} = (l_ul_d)^{1/2}\\
        l_k = min(l_u,l_k)

is the following

Is there a way to increase the space between the brace and the equations?

  • Off-topic: Do please write \min rather than just min.
    – Mico
    Jun 21, 2016 at 9:44

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If you want to increase spacing for all dcases environments, you can use the \renewcases command from mathtools. Here is an extremist example:



\[ \frac{\partial f(x)}{\partial L_1} =
                \frac{1}{\rho } - 1, \quad & x<L_1 \\
                0, \quad & \text{otherwise.}
            \end{dcases} \]


enter image description here


I realised while writing the question that these could be two options:

       \quad l_{\epsilon} = (l_ul_d)^{1/2}\\
        ~ l_k = min(l_u,l_k)

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