I am using this latex theme for an upcoming presentation.

Everything is good except one thing: the date, which is in French and I want it in US date formatting.

I tried using \usepackage{datetime} package and define a custom date format, but I get an error that my custom tag is used outside \begin{document}.

I want to access date using \today tag. Can anyone help me dealing with this?


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The US date style can be set with datetime2 using the package option en-US. The abbreviated form can be obtained using \DTMlangsetup[en-US]{abbr}.

For example:






This produces the date in the form Jun 22, 2016. The full set of options available in \DTMlangsetup[en-US] are listed in the "English (US)" section of the datetime2-english manual.


Instead of setting the date manually in the line

\date{18 Brumaire 2015}


\DTMsavenow{now}% Save current date in 'now'
  \DTMfetchday{now} % Retrieve day
  \DTMenglishshortmonthname{\DTMfetchmonth{now}} % Retrieve month (in short form)
  \DTMfetchyear{now}}% Retrieve year

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