Using knitr/sweave, I need to format the R code output that gets echoed, according to editorial journal requirements.

For example, the following chunk


Is formatted as follows:

> library(plyr)

However, I would like it to be formatted like this:

R> library(plyr)

How can I modify the leading chevron?

Sweave format is being used via the following chunk:

%Read the Script into File

I am using the following sweave.sty




%% inspired by an earlier version of upquote.sty
\catcode`'=\active \catcode``=\active
\g@addto@macro\@noligs{\let`\textasciigrave \let'\textquotesingle}



  \message{\string Environment Schunk is already defined, stay with former definition}%

  \csname newcount\endcsname\pdfoutput\fi%
     \immediate\pdfobj stream{#1}%
     \pdfcatalog{/SweaveConcordance \the\pdflastobj\space 0 R}%

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Figured it out, need to set the options used in the R session:

    options(prompt   = "R> ",
            continue = "+    ")

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