I'm writing my own simple template, what I have so far is a new, redefined make title command:

\ProvidesClass{myclass}[2016/06/22 My custom class]



                \fbox{ \includegraphics{\LOGO}}
            \vrule depth 0.9\textheight
                    \Large \FIRST \par
                    \Huge \bfseries \SECOND \par
                    \large \bfseries \THIRD  \par

In the new maketitle I'm using macros \FIRST, \SECOND, \THIRD which I defined as :


However, I would like the user using this template to be able to upload during writing the tex while any value to \FIRST is such a way that when the user is calling my \maketitle, in place of \FIRST appears the value selected by the user. How can I do that, when I define \FIRST macro in the .cls file?


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You could define your commands like given below:


Then later inside \maketitle you could replace \FIRST, \SECOND and \THIRD to \@FIRST, \@SECOND and \@THIRD respectively.

Now user can give:


Hope this helps.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!
    – Ziva
    Jun 23, 2016 at 11:25

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