I want to create a locked document created by XeLaTeX, using \special command. The instructions are provided here. By setting perm as 0x0904 the document can be signed in Acrobat (If there has been a signature region before).

I have found that digsig package and eforms package can help me to produce a signature region by loading pdfLaTeX. The instructions can be refered here. However, both of them do not work in XeLaTeX, which confuses me a lot (Because I have to create a document by XeLaTeX). I wonder if there is a method to make them effective in XeLaTeX? If not, is there a better package to support the digital signature?


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Inserting the following code somewhere would work

\special{pdf:ann width 3in height 1in
    /T (My Signature)
    /Subtype /Widget
    /FT /Sig
    /F 4
    /Q 1
    /MK << /BC [] >>

This is XeLaTeX version of what digsig.sty actually does.

  • I'm really glad to find that this does work effectively! Thank you a lot for your help.
    – Cain King
    Jul 1, 2016 at 3:48

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