I'am drawing a simple serial Protocol where the first n clock pulses are represented by one 'dotted' clock Pulse. But this one has no rising arrow, how could one fix this?


\usepackage[active, tightpage, psfixbb]{preview}

\usetikztiminglibrary{clockarrows, nicetabs}



    scale = 1.5,
    dslope = 0.1,
    c/rising arrows,
    c/arrow pos = 0.7,
    c/arrow tip = stealth'
    Foo & H L D ;[dotted] 2D; D{} D ;[dotted] 2D; D L\\
    Bar & 1.5H 1.5L ;[dotted] 2{C}; 2{C} ;[dotted] 2{C}; 2{C}\\

Example Image

In the result you can see that the first rising arrow is missing at the 1.5L ;[dotted] 2{C} transition. Later at the signal the 2{C} ;[dotted] 2{C} provides an arrow as expected.

Causes the 'low' to 'clock' switching this effect?

Thanks for any help!

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Your MWE works fine in xelatex, probably, tikz-timing patched this behavior. but if you (for some reason) don't want to update your package - there's a workaround - using c signal as a last l like this:

Bar & 1.5H Ll [c];[dotted] 2{C}; 2{C} ;[dotted] 2{C}; 2{C}

which makes clk signal to begin from other clk signal, but not from logic one.

nice MWE

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