I recently discovered pandoc and I am trying to get it to process my \cite commands in a .tex file using my CSL file, outputting a formatted PDF. As far as I understand this is something that pandoc can do?

I'm trying to come up with a MWE but no luck so far. This is what I have. I have a folder with the following .tex file

\title{This is the Title}
\author{John Doe}
Here is some text with a reference to a bibliography citation.\cite{DeLucia:2012tt]

I have this references.bib file with just a single BibTex entry.

Author = {De Lucia, Luca},
Journal = {Review of European Administrative Law},
Number = {2},
Pages = {17--45},
Title = {{Administrative Pluralism, Horizontal Cooperation and Transnational Administrative Acts}},
Volume = {5},
Year = {2012}}

And I'm using this shell script in OSX Terminal, where I get the following error with regard to my .bib and .csl file: "command not found". Same when I input the full path to these files, i.e. /Users/MyName/Desktop/Folder/name.bib

 pandoc \
-M author="Timothy Roes" \
-M date="June 2, 2016" \
-f latex \
--smart \
-o output.pdf input.tex

And then I have a .CSL file that I used before with Papers.app where it worked splendidly.

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    If you want to use CSL files you can't use biblatex or BibTeX (or other LaTeX bibliography packages), Pandoc will create the bibliography for you. I have therefore removed the biblatex and BibTeX tags. The document you show looks very TeX-y already, normally Pandoc documents look a bit different. – moewe Jun 26 '16 at 9:31
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    You need a \documentclass statement in your MWE, for instance \documentclass{article}. – A Feldman Jun 26 '16 at 11:05

Seems like some typos and syntax errors were responsible for the issues.

In the tex file:

  • missing \documentclass
  • missing biblatex setup
  • \cite closed with ] instead of }

after fixing that the MWE compiled fine

In the script:

  • syntax for metadata is -M KEY:VALUE not -M KEY=VALUE
  • all line breaks have to be escaped with a \

So, here are the files

\title{This is the Title}
\author{John Doe}
Here is some text with a reference to a bibliography citation.\cite{DeLucia:2012tt}

and the script

pandoc input.tex -s -S\
    -M author:"Timothy Roes" \
    -M date:"June 2, 2016" \
    --bibliography=references.bib --csl=citationstyle.csl \
    -o output.pdf

putting it together (using chicago-note-bibliography.csl) results in the following

enter image description here

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