guys am learning all about ConTeXt and i've a question: What is the equivalent ConTeXt command to "\usepackage[nobottomtitles]{titlesec}" in LaTeX?


Normally, the various penalties in ConTeXt are set in such a way that a page break after a section title is discouraged, but there are times when a page break is introduced after a section head because not doing so may result in a poorer page break (as evaluated by TeX).

However, if you don't want a page break after a section head, you can use


The \testpage[4] command checks if there is enough space to include 4 lines; if not, it introduces a page break. I used a value of 4 assuming that some titles could span multiple lines. You can experiment with \testpage[3] or even \testpage[2] to see if those work better in your setup.

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