In the glossaries package, how can I make the glossary print the entries by order of appearance?

Some context: I'm using the glossaries package to generate a symbol index, and I'm interested to see whether the order in which I introduce the notation makes sense.

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I suspect the package option sort=use will do what you're after, i.e. write \usepackage[sort=use]{glossaries}. From the manual:


This is a ⟨key⟩=⟨value⟩ option where the option can only have one of the following values:

  • standard: entries are sorted according to the value of the sort key used in \newglossaryentry (if present) or the name key (if sort key is missing);
  • def: entries are sorted in the order in which they were defined (the sort key in \newglossaryentry is ignored);
  • use: entries are sorted according to the order in which they are used in the document (the sort key in \newglossaryentry is ignored).

The default is sort=standard.

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    Thanks! I was using version 2, which didn't support this option yet. I upgraded to version 3 and it works as expected. Oct 15, 2011 at 20:13

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