I want to make a list like below:

1-10. as above list
11. bla bla
12. bla bla

I tried to make the first line as normal text, and make a enumerate starts at 10, but it does not work, because the first line has different indent and font and etc. (I am using Springer LNCS format).

How could I make a list like above?


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Note that the counter enumi is sometimes replaced by other packages, not to mention nesting levels. The numbers in enumerate are right justified, so the left edge is a moving target.

\item[]\hspace{-\leftmargin}1-10.  as above list (left aligned to edge of text area)
\item[]\hspace{-\itemsep}\hspace{-\tempdima}1-10.  as above list (left aligned to 11.)
\item[1-10.] as above list (right aligned to other numbers)
\item bla bla
\item bla lba


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