I come from this question: How can I automatically calculate sums in a LaTeX table?

I want to do the same but with "timing" calculations. So my example would look like this:

  @ a    & @ xyz      & @ duration      & @ starttime & @ endtime \\
  @ a1   & 5          & 00:03           & 00:00       & add(c2, d2) \\
  @ a2   & 9          & 00:01           & (automatically value of previous endtime)       & add(c3, d3) \\
  % and so on

I have to do do dozens of These which will change from time to time, and i only want to change the Duration and every other will be calculated.

I would stronly prefere a solution without luaTeX.


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Based on Time calculations:






    \advance\hours by \addhrs\relax
    \advance\minutes by \addmins\relax
    \advance\minutes by -60\relax
    \advance\hours by 1\relax
    \advance\minutes by 60\relax
    \advance\hours by -1\relax
    \advance\hours by -24\relax
    \advance\hours by 24\relax

\newcommand\newStartTime[1]{#1 h~~ & \startTime{} & \add\startTime{#1}\startTime\\}

        a  & xyz & duration & starttime & endtime\\
        a1 & 5   & \newStartTime{00:03}
        a2 & 9   & \newStartTime{00:01}

enter image description here

  • Very nice! Could you expand the example so that there is always the formittag xx:xx. If I use your example i get for the first starttime xx:xx and in the following lines: x:xx - is this fixable?
    – user69453
    Jul 26, 2016 at 18:43
  • 2
    @user69453 yes, it's fixable. See the updated code. Jul 26, 2016 at 19:36

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