I tried the different approaches I have found here on TexExchange. But I wasn't successful. I'm not sure whether the embedded figure leads to that behavior. I want to align the all the text centered or on top, to make it looking better. My current table looks like this:

        \bfseries Label & \bfseries Membership- & \bfseries Parameters & \bfseries Graph \\
         & \bfseries Function & [m] & \bfseries \\
        \textbf{\emph{near}} & trapezoidal & $\{0.3, 0.75\}$ & \includegraphics[height=3.75cm]{03_Figures/05_fuzzy_distance_near.eps} \\
        \textbf{\emph{medium}} & trapezoidal & $\{0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5\}$ & \includegraphics[height=3.75cm]{03_Figures/05_fuzzy_distance_medium.eps} \\
        \textbf{\emph{far}} & trapezoidal & $\{1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0\}$ & \includegraphics[height=3.75cm]{03_Figures/05_fuzzy_distance_far.eps} \\
        \textbf{\emph{very far}} & trapezoidal & $\{2.5, 4.0\}$ & \includegraphics[height=3.75cm]{03_Figures/05_fuzzy_distance_veryfar.eps} \\

    \caption{Input Fuzzy Sets for Distance}

Table with figure


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The reason for this behaviour is that graphic files a laid on the base line of the row, hence they're bottom-aligned. To have them top-aligned with the row, use


and similarly for all figures.

To have them vertically centred, use


Also, similar to Runar Trollet's suggestion, use the preamble


otherwise, there's no reason to use tabularx.

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