I have a question regarding the alignment of the content of the legend. The default option is centering, but I want to have it aligned to the left. How can I change this?

\begin{axis}[xbar stacked,
legend style={legend columns=1,at={(axis cs:350, 0.4)},anchor=south west,draw=none},
axis y line*=left,
axis x line*=bottom,
tick label style={font=\footnotesize},
legend style={font=\footnotesize},
label style={font=\footnotesize, text left},
bar width=3mm,
xlabel={Time in seconds},
ylabel={Pool sizes},
area legend,
enlarge y limits={abs=0.625},
\addplot[time RR,pattern=horizontal lines, pattern color = time RR] coordinates
% Time RR
{(0.00,0) (2.44,1) (8.48,2) (16.16,3) (22.26,4) (37.03, 5) (49.70,6) (68.45,7)};
\addplot[time Multi-Thread,pattern=north east lines, pattern color = time Multi-Thread] coordinates
% Time LS/SA
{(231.12,0) (223.00,1) (220.93,2) (219.75, 3) (222.66,4) (221.61,5) (222.67,6) (244.95,7)};
\addplot[time POOL,pattern=vertical lines, pattern color = time POOL] coordinates
% Time POOL
{(0.00, 0) (10.01,1) (25.65,2) (41.51,3) (57.02,4) (87.82,5) (121.88,6) (160.44,7)};
\addplot[Overhead time,pattern=grid, pattern color = Overhead time] coordinates
% Else
{(0.27,0) (0.15,1) (0.14,2) (0.14,3) (0.15,4) (0.15,5) (0.15,6) (0.17,7)};
\legend{time RR,time Multi-Thread,time POOL,Overhead time}
\caption{Analysis of computational time on the sizes of $POOL$}
\label{fig: Time division}

enter image description here

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    – Pang
    Jun 30 '16 at 2:00
  • Welcome to TeX.SE! Please expand you code sniped to complete document which can be copied to our computers and compile. Probably you need add align=left to legend style.
    – Zarko
    Jun 30 '16 at 10:15

Answer : add legend cell align={left} to the options of your axis environment:

   ... ,
legend cell align={left},

User code

The following code is a minimal working example:


    title=Left-align Legend with pgfplots,
    legend cell align={left}, % The command for legend alignment
    legend entries={$y = x^2$,Tangent at $x=1$}



which produces the following output when compiled with pdflatex (and all the required packages):

Minimal working example

  • Welcome to TeX.SX!! Rather than giving code fragments it is better to post a full minimal working example. Currently we have to guess what you packages etc you are using, which makes it is difficult reconstruct, and hence fix. A MWE should start with a \documentclass command, have a minimal preamble and then \begin{document}...\end{document}. The code should compile and be as small as possible to demonstrate your problem. This makes it much easier for people to help you --- and much more likely that they will!
    – user30471
    Jul 28 '16 at 21:58

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