I'm having a few problems with the appendix in my thesis. Right now I have the following setup


normal chapters etc.


The problem now is that the chapter title shows as 'A. Name', but I would like it to be 'Appendix A. Name' (in the TOC as well as in the appendix itself). Also, I want to have 'Appendices' above the appendix section. This is already the case in the TOC because of \addappheadtotoc

but not in the appendix itself. How can I fix this?


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This is described in the appendix-documentation, section 2. Use the appendices-environment, and put a few arguments when loading the package. I think it looks wierd calling both title and titletoc, so I would advice against it.


normal chapters etc.
  • If you advise against calling both title and titletoc, why are you doing it here? Oh, I guess because you just wanted to show what options are available.
    – littleO
    Commented Sep 3, 2023 at 11:03

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