could anyone help me how to write in latex a matrix like the one below? I tried for the first one but didn't get exact form.




Here is a solution with pstricks. Compile with xelatex, or with pdflatex if you use the --enable-write18 switch (MiKTeX) ot -shell-escape (TeX Live, MacTeX).

\usepackage{pstricks-add,  auto-pst-pdf}


\pnode(0.2em,2ex){a} \rnode{11}{A}& \rnode{12}{0} & &  & \rnode{13}{0}\pnode(-0.2em,2ex){b}\\
 B&\rnode{22}{A}  \\
 \rnode{31}{0}&\rnode{32}{B} \\
&  & &  & \rnode{43}{A}\\
\rnode{51}{0} &  \rnode{52}{0} &  &  & \rnode{53}{B}\\
\psset{linestyle=dotted,  dotsep=7pt,  nodesep=9pt}
% horizontal dots
% vertical dots
\ncline[nodesepB=4pt]{31}{51}\ncline[nodesepB=4pt]{32}{52}\ncline[dotsep=8pt, nodesepA =14pt]{13}{43}
%diagonal dots
\psset{nodesep=3pt, dotsep=8pt}
 \psset{braceWidth=0.8pt, braceWidthInner=4pt, braceWidthOuter=4pt, }
\psbrace*[rot=-90](b)(a){\clap{\fbox{$\scriptstyle \varepsilon{+}1  $\enspace}}}


enter image description here

  • I am using Kile, not getting anyhting – Marso Jul 5 '16 at 15:15
  • Did you compile with xelatex, or enable the switch? – Bernard Jul 5 '16 at 15:38

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