I'm using biblatex-gost package, gost-footnote style. If I'm citing some bibliography item for which the pages field is filled (usually an article, book chapter, materials in conference proceedings...) and at the same time specifying a particular page as a postnote argument, the reference in the footnote includes both the page range of the article (or another type of item) in a journal and the page I specified. According to GOST, in cases like this the page range should be suppressed. In other words, I want to get

Author Name. Article Title // Journal name. Year. Vol. 1, no 2. P. 10

instead of

Author Name. Article Title // Journal name. Year. Vol. 1, no 2. Pp. 5-15. P. 10.




    langid = {english},
    title={Argument as Cognition: A Putnamian Criticism of Dale Hample’s Cognitive Conception of Argument},
    author={Cummings, Louise},



some text some text some\footcite[P.~335]{cummings2004argument} text some text some text some text


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biblatex-gost already does that for you, if you let it set the "P.~" prefix automatically. Use


instead of adding the prefix manually (\footcite[P.~335]{sigfridsson}).

This is controlled by the citepages option in biblatex-gost (this option is also available in the verbose-flavoured standard styles), where it is set to omit, i.e. it omits the pages field if the postnote contains a page reference. Other possible options are permit where the pages field is always printed; suppress always suppresses the pages field; and separate, where the postnote is separated from the pages field by "especially" if it contains a page number. See the verbose style documentation for examples.

  • I looked through the biblatex documentation and couldn't find any mention of it. Yet it warks :) Thanks a lot!
    – David
    Jul 6, 2016 at 16:35
  • @David Yes, the option citepages is only properly explained in the style docus (examples), the biblatex manual only touches on the subject very, very briefly.
    – moewe
    Jul 6, 2016 at 16:44

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