The TikZ manual (p.37) says "You can also fill and draw a path at the same time using the \filldraw command. This will first draw the path, then fill it." But from the point of view of opaque ink, it actually first fills the path then then draws over it (appropriate to the name). If I specify both draw and fill for a path, this also happens (the order does not matter). So my question: how to first draw and then fill a given path (so that half of what is stroked is then covered by the fill)?

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Using postaction to apply a second action to the same path (chances are high a similar question has been answered on SE) :


\draw (-1,-1) -- (1,1);
\path[draw=red, line width=2mm,  postaction={fill=black, opacity=.4}] circle (1);

enter image description here

For more complex paths (multipart paths in particular), you will probably have to use transparency groups (see pgf manual).

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