I would like to put 17 images in the appendix. The 17 images belong together but they span multiple pages. I would like to put 6 images on one page (2 pages per row, 3 rows). So in the end I will have 3 pages. I will do it in the following way:

  \subfloat[Caption 1]{%
  \subfloat[Caption 2]{%


  \subfloat[Caption 3]{%
  \subfloat[Caption 4]{%

  \caption{My overall caption}

I have found some solutions for the page break with subfloats. But the problem is when I use an outer figure environment the overall caption of that figure would be at the last page (third page) which is bad. Moreover, the figures would be names (a)-(q) which is also not so nice for such a large number of images. Another option would be to include each figure in its own figure environment (that means no overall caption).

Which method is prefered for including such a large number of images in the appendix? As said the figures conceptually belongs together.

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    Why don't you use a longtable environment (or a breakable tabularx)? You could use \captionof{figure}{your caption} and repeat it at the bottom of each page. – Bernard Jul 6 '16 at 23:58
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    This is really off-topic for this site. We do the how? You are asking the what? Or whether? That said, what's bad about labelling the images (1)-(17) or whatever? – cfr Jul 7 '16 at 1:35

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